Wsynth patch edit GUI



Wsynth is a hack of Xsynth, with the difference that it incorporates wavetable synthesis. The waveforms included here are: square, saw, bell, bass, digital, voice, clav and reed.

Each of the two oscillators has two wave selectors, thereby providing a rich selection of sounds for each. These oscillators cannot be synced, but like Xsynth, Wsynth includes a mixing knob to adjust the amplitude amounts between the two. And, whereas Xsynth allows pitch control in EG 2 and LFO, Wsynth allows modulation of the second oscillator's waves in EG2, and modulation of first oscillator waves in the LFO setting. Filter types provided in Wsynth are 12db per octave and 24db per octave. Output is mono, but can be directed to right and left channels.

Like Xsynth, Wsynth can be run standalone using Ghostess, by typing ghostess in a terminal. The small window that appears includes the GUI button which opens the list of patches. The second tab is the patch edit page, shown above. Lastly, the configuration page controls tuning, mono-poly settings, and pitch bend range and legato settings.